Favourite Preppy Blogs for Inspiration

Hi friends!

I apologise that today's post is not up at midday as per usual on Tuesdays. I am actually posting this from Claire's (my twin sister) laptop because I think my computer has officially died. It was working totally fine last night as I was writing this post, but come the morning it wont turn on again! One of my friends has offered to come by later today to have a look at it (thanks Nathan!), but I am not sure if there is much we can do. Good thing I haven't seriously started any of my assignments for the year yet in case I need to buy a new computer and we cannot access my old hard drive. I will keep you updated! 

When I first started looking into the Preppy style, I came across so many images on Pinterest and so many blogs! Bloggers can be great inspiration when it comes to looking into a particular style. I know that a lot of what I know about preppy fashion comes from blogs. This is probably why I decided to create my own preppy blog for my own personal twist on the style. I have managed to find a few other preppy bloggers that I love and follow along with every post. If you are interested in the preppy style and want to find other blogs to follow, I couldn't recommend these lovely ladies enough! Each of these four blogs bring their own personal approach to the preppy style, so you are bound to find someone who suits you the most.

Carly is one of the preppy bloggers to follow, and it is not hard to see why! She first started her blog, The College Prepster while a freshman at Georgetown University back in 2008, so she has definitely been in the blogging game long enough to create a blogging style that works for her. She posts every day, and it is my daily highlight!  Her style is so classic, and her lifestyle posts are both interesting and entertaining. She perfectly captures the preppy style while still expressing a certain maturity that works. 

Where Carly represents the preppy style of the East Coast, Kate is all about that Southern style. She may or may not be the reason why I now have "y'all" in my vocabulary, even though I am the furthest thing from the American South. A Texas native, Kate loves to have fun with what she wears. Kate's blog was the first preppy style blog I came across, and each of her posts give me so much joy! She also makes the occasional youtube video, which made me fall even more in love with her. She is so sweet and so genuine! I definitely recommend checking her out if you want to look at a side of preppy that goes beyond collared shirts under jumpers. 

Isabella started Yep, It's Prep in 2014. However, it should be disclosed that Isabella no longer considers herself to be 'preppy', which is totally understandable! As we grow, our style can change. Back in high school I was known as an 'Indie kid'. Isabella is still on my list, and still one of my favourite bloggers, because she is unapologetically herself. Also, despite not being exclusively preppy, she still has the preppy pieces in her wardrobe that she manages to work into her current style. To me, this is perfect for someone who wants to have a relaxed approach to the preppy style, like an Australian!

Classy Kate is a new blog I have begun to follow. Kate is currently studying at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, but she is originally from Georgia. As she is from the South and currently studying in the East, her style is the perfect mixture between both branches of preppiness. This is great for someone, like me, who is from neither of these regions and is influenced by both sides of the preppy style. Quote from Claire, "She's just really cute!" (She follows her on Snapchat).

Do you have any favourite fashion bloggers you love to follow? 

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